Hazardous Materials Transport

Who Should Attend   Every hazardous material driver
What training Method:   Classroom
Length of Time   4 hours
When:   call for times

Department of Transportation (DOT) Hazardous Materials Training Course

This course is composed of three parts.

The first part familiarizes employees who handle or ship hazardous materials with dangers when preparing, offering, and accepting hazardous materials, hazardous substances, and hazardous wastes.

Topics Covered:

  • Emergency Response Information required by Subpart G of Part172 of the Hazardous Materials Regulations (49CFR)
  • Measures to protect employees from the hazards of the materials to which they are exposed
  • Methods and procedures for avoiding accidents, such as proper handling of hazardous materials packages
  • Material Safety Data Sheet; Labeling Systems (DOT, NFPA, HMIS)

The second part of the course is a basic overview of hazardous materials regulations (Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations). It is designed to provide a basic understanding of the Hazardous Materials Regulations required for compliance with and enforcement of the regulations. Hazmat employees are introduced to the broad scope of the regulations, what they cover, and the organizational content of 49CFR.

Topics include:

  • Purpose of the regulations; training and record keeping requirements
  • DOT's definition of hazardous materials
  • Different classes of hazardous materials
  • What's involved in the safe transportation of hazardous materials, such as proper classification, required packaging, package marking and labeling, shipping papers, loading and storage of hazardous materials on the vehicle, placarding and marking of vehicles

The third part of the course covers the shipping of bulk and non-bulk hazmat packages by motor carrier. This part of the course is designed for participants to learn the practical skills and knowledge required in the preparation and shipment of non-bulk hazardous materials by highway.

Topics include:

  • Classification and identification of hazardous materials
  • Proper Shipping Name Selection
  • Technical Name Rule
  • Hazard Classes/Divisions
  • Packing Groups
  • UN/NA Identification Numbers
  • 172.101 Hazardous Materials Table; Hazardous Substances
  • Marine Pollutants
  • Materials Poisonous by Inhalation
  • Packaging Selection
  • Marking and Labeling Non-Bulk Packages
  • Shipping Paper Requirements, Placarding
This course is taught by instructors with over 10 years of experience in the shipping of hazardous materials. Our instructors were health, safety, and DOT compliance professionals for Fortune 500 petroleum and chemical companies.

The course can be tailored for your specific operations and the hazardous materials your company ships. The course is engaging and interactive, and it will give your employees the opportunity to practice on the types of materials that they work with every day.

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