10-Hour CDL Refresher

Who Should Attend   Novice drivers with CDL and more than 1 year experience
What training Method:   behind-the-wheel, simulator, classroom, skills course and lab
Major Training Components:   defensive driving, pre-trip, general knowledge, backing, Basic Hours of service, road-city, rural and mountain
Length of Time   10 hours
When:   weekly, call for times

This course to evaluates driver’s ability, measure their skills, and tests their attitudes in certain driving situations. Special attention to your industry is included.

This course is designed for a variety of drivers, including:

  • New hires who have not yet been evaluated but will require a refresher course
  • Drivers who have completed the Driver Evaluation where skill enhancements have been recommended
  • A driver who has been involved in an accident

Drivers who have not completed a Driver Evaluation within the prior 3 months will be required to complete the CDL Driver Evaluation at the start of this course.

Those drivers who have completed a CDL Driver Evaluation within the prior 3 months will be re-evaluated at the conclusion of this course to assure that the recommended training has been effective.

The course content includes (but is not limited to):

Pre-trip vehicle inspection

Using the State CDL Exam criteria, students will become
proficient in the knowledge and skills of a proper pre-trip


Drivers spend the necessary time in the backing course working on skills and techniques for maneuvering a combination vehicle in limited areas.


Drivers will have the necessary time working in the Simulator
refining progressive shifting techniques.


Drivers spend the necessary time on the road with a certified instructor in a combination vehicle to work on the following:

  • Proper gear selection
  • Shifting techniques
  • Progressive shifting
  • Use of mirrors
  • Proper use of clutch brake
  • Proper use of engine brakes
  • Braking and control
  • Speed and space management
  • Turning and selecting lanes
  • Aggressive traffic
  • Heavy traffic in congested areas
  • Narrow two lane mountain roads (when possible)
  • Off road conditions, mountain areas, etc.
  • Port of Entry permits and documentation
  • Log books and related placards

4 hour Defensive Driver Training

Drivers who have not attended the 4-hour DDC course will be required to complete this course as part of their evaluation. Those drivers who have completed this course will spend additional time in other sections, as determined by the instructor.

The course provides accurate, up-to-date knowledge, skills, techniques, and real world tools that every driver can take away with them. Dynamic PowerPoint presentations bring high definition digital graphics to the course.

At the conclusion of the course, each student will complete an evaluation that will be used for course improvement. A "Certificate of Completion" will be presented to students satisfactorily completing the course. Grades, performance charts, and recommendations on all participants will be promptly posted on our secure web reporting site at www.centerfortransportationsafety.com .

Any students who appear to pose a safety risk will be reported immediately to their direct supervisors. Recommendations for assisting the driver will be provided.

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